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Saturday, July 11, 2015


Have you ever gone to the beach and never forgot the experience? or better still you wished it could be forever?have you ever felt like bringing the sea to your living room? do you wish you could look at exotic fishes anytime you desire? GREAT NEWS!!!! WISHING IS OVER!!!............WELCOME TO MY FISH TANK. Fish tank is coined to describe our adventures with the aquatic family,here we make lovely aquariums from ordinary containers to create extraordinary experiences.The common fishes are gold,sword tail,angel,molly ,black e.t.c, i also have colorful decorations to give your tank a burst of freshness. Here take a look at a simple fish tank i made using plastic container,simple but classy. MATERIALS. 1)Plastic container. 2)sand. 3) colorful stones. 4)natural plants. 5)shells. 6)marbles. 7)gold fish. 8)angel fish. 9)wooden net lid. METHOD. Wash container,then pour sand and layer it in the container and add water .The plants are washed and trimmed so they fit the container.then scatter the decorative stones in the container to display a pattern,also scatter marbles and shells in the container.The fishes are the last to go in container,these are released gently into the water. The fish tank is ready; bringing the sea to your living room.