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Monday, February 1, 2016


Thinking of starting an home based business that is not capital intensive? welcome to the aqua world.Starting an aquarium shop/store is easy and can easily be operated from the confines of your home. The basic skill you need is love for the sea-life and a spark of creativity to bring you projects to life.The size of your business will depend on your target audience, their taste and purpose.The service is centered around fish and other water creatures that you can incorporate into your tank to add colour and beauty to the tank. #urban farming Fish types to choose from are wide and the choice of what you stock depends mainly on what is available in your locality,taste and the expression you are willing to create.Turtles, are also a beauty to behold in the ponds. Starting off; tank housing/containers are the major piece for the project.The tanks could be plastic bottles,plastic drums,glass troughs,glass vats,wooden boxes,glass columns and slide trays.A host of water holding containers can be used,it all depends on your creativity. The size of the project and the nature of client will also determine the type of vats.Did you know you could incorporate a fish tank in an existing fountain? The next thing will be the accessories to make the tank stand out.These include; pumps,filters, lights, decorations,plants,sand, and various toys. #aquarium The aquarium is ready ; Clean your vat/container. pour in your sand. put the desired accessories. put in your fish. Turn on the lights and your aquarium is ready. The business opportunities are as follows 1) sale of vats/containers 2) sale of accessories. 3) sale of fish and other creatures for the tank. 4)consultancy on setting up ,managing and maintaining a fish. #aquarium 5) sale of fish flakes. These vats could also be used to raise fingerlings and sell as juveniles or you can raise fingerlings to market size using bigger and large number of vats depending on stock size.This will open up another business for sale of fish feed and catfish @ harvest time.