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Tuesday, July 5, 2016


Agriculture is no new field and the impact on economy cannot be overemphasized. The field of agriculture is wide and all aspects are packed with profit potentials. While the field of agriculture is not new,there are new technologies that propel the industry making it more lucrative. The animal production angle is very lucrative with various species bringing multiple advantages to the table. Today,lets look at the potential in the egg industry. The business of eggs is not new, but the profit potential has increased because of the knowledge of importance of eggs and the egg -a-day campaign. Eggs can be sold in crates or powdered depending on your choice. Starting an egg business is easy and profitable and you can start today. The first phase is to identify your customers,then find a reputable source,that will provide high quality eggs and at reasonable price. Eggs are of various sizes and grades,and its better to have a mix of large,small and medium to cater for different clients. The ideal place will be to register with a farm, and sort out arrangements about frequency of collection and delivery. Eggs can also be collected at egg depots for further distribution to retailers and consumers. The targeted clients will determine your entry point to the business, you can be a big time player or small to medium player . The business can be structured as a full time job,part time or even weekly depending on the approach you desire,and your goal. Starting an egg business as a full-time job will entail marketing and a lot of movement,so a means of transport must be factored into the overhead. Eggs gotten from farms are sorted,neatly packed and sold to customers. The mode of distribution depends on your customers and your policy.Crates delivered to various locations attract additional price,so the choice is yours. Thinking of selling eggs? Buy from Echbee Foods, the eggs are big,fresh and affordable. The profit margin is about 50-70 naira on a crate depending on your source,but its about 150 naira if sold in units. Target areas with high population,housing estates and food vendors. Operating an egg depot in an housing estate or school area is a sure method of making repeated sales,even if its only a weekend business. Order your eggs and notify your customers of pickup time, every Saturday between 9am -2pm.