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Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Snail farming the hidden goldmine.

Snail farming is a hidden goldmine ,although there are of various species peculiar to certain regions. The Achatina fulica is a species of large land snail that belong in the Achatinidae family. It is also known as one of the giant African snail or giant African land snail. The giant African snail is native to East Africa, and can be traced back to Kenya and Tanzania. The achatina fulica is well suited for the west African region as its rugged,adaptable and grows better than A. marginata. The Achatina fulica mates once and can lay eggs continuously for 5 years. The snail lay up to 400 eggs in various clutches 2-3 times a year.The snails are good fluid savers,making maximum use of water provided. Snail rearing also referred to as heliculture is an agribusiness that has great potential,not only locally but internationally. Snails can be reared in urban setting without any environmental hazard or pollution and most importantly its a lean startup venture,with little or minimal overhead and great profit margin.Snails can be reared in cheap boxes,old tyres,plastic bins,crates and any enclosure you can innovate as long as the snails are secured from pests and harsh environmental conditions. The housing unit can be simple to complex depending on scale of production and level of production. Read about various housing options here Feeding snails are also relatively cheap, irrespective of level of production.The snails can thrive on common household waste or feed. They can be fed leaves,roots of certain plants and sometimes formulated ration to boost production. These are the common feed sources Biosecurity and handling are so important when you are rearing snails. The sand in the snailery must be heat treated,before you put it in the snailery and the sand must be raked everyday to remove left over feed and also to turn the soil as this stimulates growth.Snail farming is a hidden goldmine,very few actually get it right and make money. Changing of the soil at regular intervals is very important, calcium supplement is very essential for proper growth and regular supply is necessary. The wetting of soil is also important,to keep the house moist but not waterlogged This is how to start an agribusiness raising snails with 20,000 Naira and make 1,257,750 naira profit. Get mature snails @ 200 naira for 50 pcs.......10,500 naira construction of wooden boxes or plastic boxes or plastic cages ........5,000 naira. Feeding....................................4,000 naira. miscellaneous./chalk....... .......... ..500 naira. The production phase; 1 snail hatch about 400 eggs in a year,thus 50 snails .....20,000 eggs. At 95% hatachability.......19,000 eggs. Assuming 5% mortality during rearing......,<950 snails= 18,050 hatchlings. Sell each hatch-ling @ 70 naira/pcs...... 1,263,500 naira. Sell adult for 300 naira @5% mortality.......14,250 naira. Total............................1,277,750 naira. Profit.....income - expenses....=1,277,750 - 20,000 =1,257,750 naira.