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Monday, October 24, 2016

Solving the power crisis with chicken.

The role of the chicken in nation development cannot be over emphasized,from food to fashion to power generation and employment facilitation,the role in solving power crisis is huge and we need to start tapping into this fast. There has been recent reports about drops in power generation due to inadequate gas-to-power for the mostly gas-based power plants,this can be solved easily with proper harnessing of the power locked in chicken. The number of chickens in the country can help solve this power crisis by the using their waste to generate electricity. This is another aspect of climate smart agriculture,the waste that usually end up in landfills destroying the environment and increasing emissions can actually be converted to power which is clean energy. This is an analysis for a state,imagine this replicated in other states especially from local government levels where waste to wealth initiatives are encouraged. The waste generated not only smells but also is a breeding area for flies which further increase spread of diseases. The problem of waste disposal is one that can be turned to a new source of income by channeling the waste to a digester to produce heat,electricity and fertilizer. Biogas uses anaerobic digestion to breakdown poultry litter to methane,carbon dioxide and other gases which can easily be converted to light and energy.The gas is lighter than air ,will be pipped to the top of the tank to a biogas cooking stove or light. The advantages of the biogas plants are 1) Improved manure composition and less odor 2)Higher availability of nutrients thus higher crop yields 3)No acidification of the soil as digestate has a pH of 8. 4) Reduction in the emission of greenhouse gases. 5) Generation of renewable energy; green power. 6) Reduced overhead cost. Every kg of organic matter yields 0.5m3 of biogas. 1000kg of chicken litter yields 200m3 of biogas. 1m3 of biogas = 2.1 KW electricity and 2.5 KW heat. Lagos with poultry population of 5,467,915, has a great potential to generate electricity,heat and high grade fertilizer for crops. A chicken produces about 100gm of droppings daily, that means in a day the waste generated on poultry farms alone is 546,791,500gm which translates to 546,791.5kg. 1000kg of chicken litter =200m3 biogas. 546,791.5kg of chicken litter= 546,791.5 X200\1000 =109,358.3 m3 biogas is produced daily in the state. 1m3 of biogas = 2.1KW electricity, so daily 109,358.3 x2.1 = 229,652.43 KW of electricity is untapped . The poultry value chain can not only provide food,cloth accessories,jobs but it can also generate electricity that will power more farms,industries and homes . The biogas plant will also ensure a cleaner environment.Join the biogas project to change our #environment #economy #lives .