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Friday, March 10, 2017

How to use tea to treat dogs.

This is a home remedy to treat dogs using tea. The tea that is of importance are the normal black tea,not spiced tea and definitely no herbal tea. The tea must be brewed from actual tea shrub and not fruit or herb. Tea contains tannin a potent astringent with antiseptic properties. The tannin has antibacterial, antiviral properties as well as wound healing properties. The tannin in tea with its astringent effect produces a dry, tightening sensation which helps to stop bleeding. The tannin work by activating the thrombocytes which initiates rapid blood clotting. The potency of the tannin is proportional to the concentration of the tea,hence the stronger the tea, the more potent the tannin. Tannin have anti-inflammatory, antiviral effects and antibacterial effects,making tea capable of preventing spread of infections by creating a protective layer over the exposed tissues, while promoting wound healing and removing any offensive odor emanating from the site. The tea can be used to treat dogs in the following ways ;1) for cuts ,sores and bruises. 2) eye care especially in cases of conjunctivitis. 3)burns. When there is a wound,clean the wound and place moist tea bags on surface for an hour. The wound can also be cleaned with tea solution,the cooled brewed tea can be poured on swabs to clean wound. The brewed tea can also be used when cold to treat burns,this will hasten healing ,reduce the size of burnt area and reduce oozing fluid. Dog's ocular mucous membrane are sometimes irritated which are obvious by redness,discharge,swelling and scratching by the dogs. The eye can be flushed with tea solution using a syringe or swabbed with tea solution about 3 times a day. The tea bag (cooled) can be applied on the eyes directly for about 2 mins,this should be done 2 times daily for maximum benefit. The word of caution here is that a high level of hygiene should be practiced for maximum benefit. Hands must be washed and clean before you start wound dressing, also use a clean swab for each eye you are cleaning and most importantly dont use same tea bag for the 2 eyes to prevent cross-infection.